About Three Sisters

We are three sisters, with similar origins but very different stories. We each followed unique individual paths to lead us to where we are today. Each of us has worked hard, made various accomplishments, stumbled, hit roadblocks, experienced great triumphs, suffered failures, and been both humbled and uplifted all along the way. We continue to learn and make new discoveries as we grow. We each strive daily to move closer to the most authentic expression of our truest nature. We are proud to now join forces in this small family business to share our collective skills and insights on holistic health and wellbeing with our community.


Three Sisters - blue bird - ChelseaChelsea – I come from a background in the fashion industry. I worked both locally and abroad, as a model since the age of 14. After being immersed in the “glamorous” world of fashion for over a decade, with its unending parties, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, and shallow human interactions, my soul began to grow weary. As a result my 20s were rather tumultuous, with high highs and low lows. As my personal life suffered I slowly began to gain a heightened awareness of my repetitive behaviors and their negative results. Eventually I recognized that I was caught in a vicious cycle of destructive patterns. Knowing I wasn’t progressing, but without any knowledge of how to make the necessary changes, my life lessons continued to accelerate and amplify in severity. I found myself in progressively more abusive relationships, until eventually one attack landed me in the Emergency Room from a beating that could easily have killed me.

Finally at rock bottom, the nest went up in flames, allowing for a death and a rebirth to occur. The Phoenix rises again, stronger and wiser. With much support, protection and guidance from my immediate family and a good friend I called my “Bulldog Angel” (who years later became my husband), I made a conscious effort to change everything and rebuild myself. I started by cutting all toxic relationships out of my life, officially retired from modeling, began receiving regular bodywork, and together with my sisters started studying nutrition, meditation and breath work, and pursued an education in holistic healing at IPSB, and started practicing yoga regularly. Once I had cleared the clutter from my life, awareness served as a scalpel to cut away old beliefs and definitions, and yoga allowed for positive changes to naturally occur. Thus began my new focus in life:  peace, compassion, health, balance, authentic expression, empowerment and exploration. My work now consists of yoga, bodywork and nutrition, which I consider to be the holy trinity of health and wellness. I specialize in Thai, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and Sensory Repatterning forms of bodywork, as well as Reiki energy work. I am a registered Yoga Alliance teacher and completed my 200 hour training at Mosaic Yoga in San Diego. I donate time weekly to teach yoga at a women’s drug rehab facility, and I am endlessly grateful and excited to now work with my sisters to share our knowledge and love!

Three Sisters - pink bird - BrianneBrianne – My journey towards wellness unwittingly began in my childhood. My dad used to massage my shoulders after particularly stressful days at school. My mom would scratch my back to soothe me to sleep. Sometimes they would ask one of us girls to walk on their backs. We had no idea we were doing barefoot shiatsu; it was just normal and fun in our house!

After graduating from NYU with a degree in Linguistics but lacking a direction, I re-discovered a desire to study massage that had been in the back of my head for years. But after reading up on it and even touring some schools, I got bogged down by the fact that it didn’t seem like a “normal”, “valid” job. Instead, I went the safe route and applied to a radiologic technologist training program. I put countless hours, prerequisites, and even a year of waiting into the program, only to find after a year of very hard work and endless frustration and disappointment that I had no interest in the job. I had been too scared to listen to my gut feelings about what I was doing. I hated the repetition, all the sick and injured people who passed by me that I could not tangibly help, and the fact that I was responsible for radiating people didn’t sit well with me.

With the encouragement and support of my sisters and fiancé, I left the program. A week later, I, along with both of my sisters, signed up at IPSB for our first massage therapy course. I am grateful for my past training that required me to take multiple anatomy and physiology classes, which helped me realize how fascinated I am by the structure and workings of the body. I even took extra anatomy classes and a human dissection class because I loved it so much. During this time I also worked in patient placement at a prominent local hospital, which fed my curiosity about causes of dis-function and dis-ease within the body, as well as made me skeptical of traditional Western medical practices (excessive surgery and pharmaceuticals, which treat symptoms but mask true issues). All of this has made me appreciate the profoundly complex workings of the human body and its infinite ability to heal itself. Now that I’ve completed the massage therapy program, I know that there is still so much left to learn. My endless fascination with the body and the mind and how they function together in a package called a human being will surely spur a lifetime of study.

My interests include massage for health, such as those affected by chronic illnesses and cancer, as well as Paleolithic nutrition (eating foods our bodies have evolved to eat over millions of years). I create customized bodywork blends of Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Sensory Repatterning.

Three Sisters - white bird - LaurenLauren – From walking on my mother’s back, to giving my father shoulder rubs, even as a child I found great enjoyment in being able to utilize my hands, and feet to provide pleasure to others. People would always tell me that I had such strong, warm hands, and it seemed that they were made for bodywork. I found early on that I felt an urgent desire to touch, and connect with people on a more substantial level. Touch seemed to me to be a means of cutting through the superficiality of everyday life and simply connecting on a human-to-human level, without any sort of judgements or expectations.
Throughout my childhood I was plagued by a multitude of health issues, which then in turn fueled my ceaseless curiosity and fascination with the body, the mind, and what brings them to function cohesively. Falling ill so often forced me into becoming very isolated and internalized, which I now realize helped me to hold onto my intuitive corporeal sensitivity and awareness. From a very young age I had many medical issues with my gastrointestinal tract, and spent what seemed like ages in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices. My mother, desperate for answers eagerly subjected me to endless examinations, which never were able to provide much insight into what it actually was that ailed me. I trusted in the doctors and felt that they held such high authority and knowledge regarding the human body, that I allowed myself to become a guinea pig for innumerable prescription drugs, none of which ever yielded substantial improvements to my condition. Finally in my adolescence, having become even more sickened than I was healed by the Western approach to health, and discovering that the root of my internal discomfort was caused by severe anxiety, I began to look for other methods of quelling my symptoms.

After a youth filled with many emotional and physical trials and tribulations, I found myself lost in emotional anguish, having severed what little relationship I did have with my sisters. As serendipitous life circumstances brought us back together, I was then led toward this path in pursuit of higher knowledge of the human condition, seeking understanding of what brings one to a place of peace and comfort within their own skin. The first time that my sisters and I walked the halls of IPSB I felt an overwhelming sense that I’d finally found a place to make myself at home. For a little over two years I spent most of my time in this space, which allowed me to build a deeper relationship with my sisters and myself than I’d ever known before. I am still growing and blossoming, learning to reconnect with and hone my intuitive skills toward helping others find a means of relief and comfort amidst the complex inner-workings of their own personal world. I merely wish to share the knowledge and wisdom which have allowed me to be broken open in ways I never before could imagine. I am happy to now be in a place in my life, and in my heart, where I can come from a gracious space and know what it is to be truly compassionate. My sisters reached out to me and took me under their wings after I repeatedly attempted to prematurely jump the nest in pursuit of the healing I felt my heart needed. I have found the nurturing I was in need of within our humble little trio’s nest. I am now ready and able to take flight toward the path of pursuing my truth. I am hoping to help other lost little birds to find a safe space within themselves, so they may come to a state of union with that which makes their hearts truly sing. I am currently working at a holistic Chiropractic and Rehabilition Center in Del Mar. I have studied many modalities of bodywork, and specialize in Deep Tissue, Circulatory/Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, and the more subtle, incredibly healing Craniosacral energy work.