Three Sisters Philosophy

We believe in reeducation and redefining health in America. We believe our health is maintained primarily by what and how we eat and how we take care of our bodies. We believe this includes preventative health practices consisting of movement, bodywork and nutrition. We strive to help educate clients on lifestyle adjustments that will support long-term health and longevity.

We live in this world. We get it. We know what everyday life consists of. There are strengths and weaknesses in modern society’s standards. We are not attempting to transcend this human existence. We value the little things: good food, family, having fun and feeling good.

Our truest desire is to make the most of our time on this planet, by living and creating balance and harmony through our thoughts and actions. Through acting with love and honesty, being of service, and holding compassion towards others as we all experience this human condition, we offer true comfort and support.

We’re just three birds trying to be well, do good and live right. We believe in inherent body wisdom. We believe in supporting our community. And we believe in smiling from the inside out, often. We’re three little birds who want to soar and desire freedom. Freedom in body, mind and spirit requires cultivating a healthy, balanced and harmonious lifestyle. That’s where we come in. We help nurture each individual’s needs, so we can all fly more freely.

We’re not “healers.” We are lovers, explorers, and seekers of knowledge. We believe that by cutting toxicity (from food, relationships, drugs and environment) from our lives, and replacing them with wholesome nutrition, regular movement (such as yoga), and bodywork, we can heal our bodies and gain vitality in our lives. Only you can heal yourself, and we are here for support and guidance. We’re just three birds, with a lot of love to give.